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11 oz. 4. A water-based adhesive layer can be added to the decal to create a stronger bond or may be placed between layers of lacquer to create a durable decal hi, I recently bought an allparts strat neck with a nitro finish. This is a detailed tutorial on applying decals and finishing over them correctly so as to have NO decal outline in the lacquer. I can try and find the company info if you want to go that route. I apply a good base coat and sand, and then apply the decal and let it dry. No glossy shine, so assume a satin or matte clear acrylic lacquer? Hoping so FREE WORLDWIDE POSTAGE, GIBSON LOGO DECAL, Precision guitar headstock decals waterslide & self adhesive - Fret Markers Inlays Abalone Shell Manufacturers & suppliers of guitar headstock decals for guitar restoration & renovation. BIG Promotion 2018!Believe it? Shop discount Decal Varnish with high-quality online 2018 at Aliexpress. I'll go figure out the brand in a bit, but it's something you can get at Home Depot or I got waterslide decals from Bob and Marcia Derrick in England for my '57 BSA C12. Just coat them with some nitrocellulose lacquer or polyurethane, and they are good to go for years to come! Fender strat waterslide decal. ALSO you will find more relatd Decal Varnish such as Beauty &; Health, Nail Polish, Nail Gel, Office & School Supplies are waiting for your selection.

Once the decal has started to separate you may proceed to next step. URL of decal in water While the printed waterslide decal is soaking apply Micro Set to the blank gauge face with a small brush. Model Aircraft / Waterslide Decals / 1/72 Ground Equipment Decals GED72021A 1/72 BOAC decal sheet for 1:72 Auto Diesel GP-2 On Schwinn's with good paint and faded decals, how do you re-decal? With a top tube decal, I'm thinking to go over the present decal and line new one up to cover or use a cleaner that will take off the remaining print and then go over the clear decal. Showcasing waterslide vibro champ in stock and ready to ship now. I cast the tubes in Alumilite, when finished the blanks are nice and clear. com. Note: Our decal papers have been tested in most brands of printers, but the user must determine compatibility with his or her own equipment. Dries in 20 minutes to the touch and each coat melts into the next. You can just see a slight outline of the waterslide paper, more of a slightly different tint to it. His guitar is a 60th Anniversary '54 Strat, and the water slide decal is correctly on the outside of the lacquer to replicate 1954 specs.

Water Slide Decal Paper Printed the black waterslide decal, used the same Acrylic Lacquer to seal it, applied to headstock. There are many decals How to Apply Waterslide Decals. We’ll help you to work out whether it’s worth paying extra for a high-end version or whether you’re getting just as good a deal by getting the cheaper item. 00. Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper Regular Lazertran (RL) Add to cart RoomMates Notebook Paper Dry Erase Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal, White. Waterslide decals should be encapsulated for most applications in a layer of lacquer (acrylic clear coat). This is the decal sheet from a 1/72nd scale Eurofighter. Looking to have Jimi’s signature on your custom guitar? We offer it! These waterslides are easy to install, come with instructions, and are sure to please. 95. Apply a waterslide decal (which I made and sealed with acrylic lacquer) to the center of the tube.

Is this the standard or vintage way of applying these? Waterslide decal printed on a laser printer, and lots of lacquer! Not sure where I purchased mine, but they all work about the same. If you stick the decal on (the “sticker” way) it might peel over time. It’s also possible to get inkjet waterslide decal paper, but just note that an inkjet printout requires that you spray a layer of lacquer over the printed decal before you let it anywhere near water. Then after the ink dries the printed graphic is sprayed with an aerosol sealer. 1. Browse our full Guitar Decals range. S. There are also a couple of websites just google decal paper. Our decals can be placed on musical instrument headstocks, pickguards and truss rod covers, or anywhere else you can think of! Spraying over a Slide decal I'd like to apply a Tru-Oil finish to it and add a waterslide decal to the headstock. Laser/Copier / Inkjet printing.

Rothko and Frost Limited Registered office Building 13/2, Unit G1, Vantage Point, Mitcheldean, GL17 0DD, Registered in England and Wales Company Registration Number 7743720 VAT no. I knew it was going to happen, but I expected a better outcome. Once it is completely sealed, then you can lay the coats on heavier. Halfords Clear Lacquer Spray 300ml. Thanks as always OSG. The manufacturer's name on the headstock of many guitars is applied with a waterslide decal. To help you select the right product, see the layout below. It was impossible to add a Waterslide Decal on the headstock because the background was too dark. Is this a bad decal? It's almost like there is no glue on the decal. When you spray lacquer topcoats over the decal, spray the first 2 or 3 light so as not to 'bubble up' the screenprinted logo, but enough to melt the decal into the basecoats.

DIY 5 minute decal transfer on a coffee mug. If you need to paint a Purchase the Testors® Decal Setting Solution at Michaels. Hey guys! I'm currently building my first bass. Find the right spot and put your decal on it, then slide off the decal backing paper. It does not need to be sprayed with a cover coat like other inkjet waterslide decals, and the inks become waterproof after 30 minutes allowing the decal to be put in water without the colors washing away. Bottle Gloss Clear Coat Hobby and Model Lacquer Paint #310. I am currently applying what I have learned on a test piece of wood with a decal, and the sanding sealer shellac goes on real good. Your goal is to have it last forever. These are approx 1/4 inch and wrap aroubnd the tube like pinstripes. Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper is an amazing new type of transfer paper for art, crafts, home decorating, scrapbooking, and more – use it anywhere you want to add your own picture or design.

5" X 11" See more like this Blinggasm Waterslide Decal Paper, 10 Sheets Choose White, Clear, Inkjet or Laser Brand New Buy Testors Decal Paper, Clear, Pack of 6 (9201): Remote & App Controlled Vehicle Parts - Amazon. • Air may get under your decals, and this needs to be fixed, especially with clear decal paper. com Neck though I want to keep what's on the neck and the sides/back of the headstock, but since adding a waterslide decal, I need to know what type of clear was used on the neck so I can repaint the face of the headstock. After the decal has dried, you can over spray with a coating of Last Step Decal Spray OR with any spray you would normally use over a decal including urethane spray. The decal transfer is very thin and barely noticeable when transferred on This decal paper was designed for use with inkjet printers. Waterslide decals are a quick and easy way of branding instruments, but over time they can become chipped and worn. You can go for an oiled neck, and finish the headstock front with a lacquer. These Fender decals are not the cheap knockoff inkjet or laser printer decals. GB155302731 I would recommend this form of decal and not the vinyl type for your headstock, but ok on your amp or case, anywhere that you are not going to lacquer, although they do take varnish. The decal will start to separate from the backing paper.

Use to use enamels and clear varnish. Make Your Own Decals the Easy, Inexpensive WayCreate your own railroad names, logos, stripes, road racing emblems, stained glass windows, signs, aircraft and military markings and other custom artwork faster and in 1/10th the cost The Image Works Guide to fitting Motorcycle Stickers. The clear decal paper is ussually sold for use with printers that use white ink. How to Apply Waterslide Decals. Decal Paper is a unique Computer crafting resource with inspirational products and project ideas. Clean area with automotive wax and grease remover. 2. Voodoo Decals® product. Follow directions on can to apply 3 even coats. 10 x A4 size sheets of Printable (5 sheets) CLEAR and (5 sheets) WHITE LASER water slide transfers / decal Papers.

Top scale in centimeters, bottom scale in inches. I've just been applying waterslide transfers to a few wagons and come up against the usual problem - brushing on a varnish picks up the transfer. I have used decals before but never the waterslide method. This seems to happen only with white transfers, as some black ones I did last week were fine. When following this rule, the decals can be printed and applied easily. My question was whether you have to put it on the wood first because I don't think that it's clear and anything under the decal would be a different Because the decal is waterproofed by the Dullcote on the printed side, it takes a lot longer for the paper backing to separate from the decal -like 5 to 10 minutes. I pushed it back but now it's wrinkled. Have been reading all the threads about waterslide decals and most of you finish the headstock in lacquer of course. Waterslide decal papers for digital ceramic printing can be quite expensive but if you purchase your ceramic toners from us we'll give you the decal paper for free. I had to work with a graphics artist who enhanced the colors of the old decal and sent the file to the decal firm.

Talk about the Fender Jazzmaster, Jaguar, and any other offset waist guitars with us! Waterslide decal on Black Headstock? but apply the It seems as if I'm going to use lacquer to prime and seal (a direction I was leaning in to begin with), I may as well stick with lacquer based products for everything in between except panel lines being enamel. FENDER STRATOCASTER 50S Vintage look (Orange Logo) headstock waterslide decal - $7. The actual decal is transparent without any white pigment. Voodoo Decals® products are designed to help luthiers to. Im going install my own water slide decal on a Warmoth neck that is finished in a satin nitro finish. Because they are thin they can be torn. The "Rule of Thumb" is to use white decal paper when you apply your decal to a dark surface and clear decal paper when you apply your decal to a light surface. Complete instructions included. This method for waterslide decals cured has the mucilage on the underside of the waterslide decal so it can be thoroughly washed off before baking. supply or batteries.

I was thinking of playing around with ink jet printable waterslide decals. If you’re still in two minds about water slide decal paper and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers. 00 for shipping. com 3 - Total the amount including the $6. Of course the tuners and inserts were out and the rest of the neck was taped off. That’s a surface area approximately 4 times bigger than A3! If 800 x 600mm is not enough, we can even tile up multiple panels to create even larger graphics. The little specks are a product of of not being patient enough to wait the 3 hour cure time of the decal before hitting with a light coat of clear crystal lacquer. I also had severe cracking issues using rustoleum spray lacquer clear on it. s. michaels.

Ideally, you’re going to want to put, like I said, a couple coats down first. Must be used on metallic and pearlescent paint; Achieves the best finish and correct colour match tamiya # 87194 lacquer thinner (retarder type) 250ml; tamiya color ''lacquer paint'' compatibility table; toro model # 35d54 - pto sherman tanks vol. We can create ANY decals that you need. I do decoupage. 5. I have finished several DIY pedal enclosures in the past and always used the same method: sand the aluminum box, spray with self-etching primer, colour coat with Dupli-Color lacquer, spray with Dupli-Color clear lacquer, apply waterslide decals (typically Testor's ink-jet waterslide decal paper) which have been sealed with mist coats of same Headstock Decals - Real Vintage Style LITHO PRINTED Waterslide Decals! For years I've sought a nice way to finish off my custom built guitars. A water-based adhesive layer can be added to the decal to create a stronger bond or may be placed between layers of lacquer to create a durable decal I just got a CS '65 neck to use on a Strat I'm building. But because they are so thin, they leave almost no edge! If you would like to make them stronger, you can coat them with Model Master gloss LACQUER overcoat #1961. Then trim to the original clear coat (which should have yellowed over the years like all good clear lacquer), soak in water and apply. Make sure your surface is a little wet, (couple drops smoothed out with your finger) to much will not allow the decal glue to adhere properly, use either water or a wetting solution such as Micro Sol or Micro set.

Be amazed at what you can create using your own computer printer. Waterslide decal paper is brilliant for model-making enthusiasts - you can create unique decals for die casts, remote control models, planes, boats, trains etc. This article is my way of doing it as it especially applies to making up custom markings for models. I was just looking for the EXACT same information. I wetted the surface and slid the decal, from the the paper onto the headstock, while holding my breath. You searched for: custom guitar decals! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. Today we're going to focus on the process of making your own waterslide transfers (decals). The adhesive only exists under the image – where you need it. The idea here is to show you some of the basic methods, tools and techniques we use and recommend, and also to dispel some of the myths about sticker fitting. Shop our high quality assortment of waterslide vibro champ in stock on the internet! More Like This: Merry Christmas Songbook Floyd K.

Faced with a hideously rusted Monitor 17b tin, I would like to try making a waterslide decal for the top; There are some 'almost' candidates in the gallery, but nothing high resolution. Follow these instructions. I have a spare decal and plenty of black lacquer, so it is not a huge deal, I just don't want to seal in the decal as is, if it is going to remain milky against the black of the headstock. 3. Best method if you think the decal is going to come apart, is to spray clear lacquer over the decal. To get a strong decal for glass you screen a clear down first and then let dry, then the next color, let dry and up to 4 colors and then finish with a a top clear coat. I solved the problem by wiping on a thin coat of shellac (from home depot) on the printed decal paper, letting it dry, and then applying the decal to my pedals and final coating the pedal (with the same rattle can of rustoleum lacquer). Clear On White Decal Paper for Ink Jet Printers. Details about Fender Telecaster (Grey logo) Waterslide decal . The detail on these decals is great.

Yes . Gloss Clear Lacquer Spray Paint is rated 3. The Fender decals found on this website can be a more accurate alternative. It's an MJT/warmoth J bass with a matching body and headstock in charcoal frost. (Build thread here) For this project, I had a custom waterslide decal made for it that I will be installing over the headstocks nitro clear coat. C. 1 - LOG IN to your PayPal account and choose SEND MONEY 2 - Our email is decals@americanoutboard. I actually nudged it when re-stringing and knocked it out of shape. Uses current from any 3 to 6 volt D. Waterslide decal questions I prefer using automotive lacquer for my clear.

Please allow to dry overnight. Trim close to the decal image. I assume then that something like Mr. But if you apply enough layers of lacquer, gently sanding in between layers, the edges will disappear completely. Posted by: Kris in Decals 17 Comments 51,218 Views. My problem is, the transparent decal film is visible around and in-between letters/words once decal dries out. Rated 5 out of 5 by zippofan from Perfect for sealing ink-jet waterslide decal film and then sealing the applied decal to a metal/a It's one less thing to go wrong. Accent your miniature cars, bikes, and other such collectibles with decals by using this Testors® Decal Setting Solution. only). most original look.

Be sure to wet sand surface where decals will be installed using a 1,000 grit sand paper. Surfacer 1000 for "primer" would be best for sandability, etc. do I have to spray a lacquer on it after? or am I just fine when I put it on the neck? Chelsea Clark shows Dan Erlewine a clever trick: turning our aerosol guitar finish into a waterslide decal. This decal is a Voodoo Decals® product. medium tank m4a3e8 sherman easy eight korean war Also, just a side thought, since the waterslide transfer paper will print anything that shows up as white as translucent once the lacquer is applied (because most colour printers don't print in white), one could even print small 'appliques' and apply them over a solid colour base, or even layer them over each other. Clear coated decals, more resistant and easy to apply. When I spray lacquer, I like to put wet-on-wet coats. Each waterslide decal has been carefully recreated based on actual vintage guitars and basses from the 1950's through the 1970's. Read the instructions and install the software and your almost on your way. Let it dry off, then built up the top coats by misting them on.

QPS Print’s Large Format Waterslide Decals. Then I continue until I get a good fill. I couldn't slide it off and it fell to bits. These are a very useful technique for creating effective graphics on customs. Halfords Clear Lacquer Spray 300ml Extra Info. Mucilage turns brown when baked and would darken your image if baked on. 1 (1/35 decals) twilight model # tm-09 1/35 decal set for u. I remember they had a 1000 run requirement. Dry between each coat. Maybe I could get someone else to print them if I can find the paper.

com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases My previous dead-easy-to-use waterslide ran out. 2nd Edition. Cheers! ANY DECAL YOU NEED. There are many decals I use clear lacquer on the painted box, apply the decal and then add more laquer coats. This makes a great spot repair on this 25-year-old StewMac Dreadnought. Our decals are the thinnest available on the market so they are easier to cover when lacquering. Place the decal in a bowl of luke warm water for about 20-30 seconds until the decal will slide onto your work surface, I have been taking it out and removing any excess water and leaving it sit 10 seconds. The Halfords Clear Lacquer uses an advanced acrylic based formula to provide a tough, durable high gloss protective finish on painted surfaces. Here's one I did for a Cabronita project a while ago - this has about 8 coats of lacquer on the decal. Oil however does not work, as it allows the wood to be porous, and the decal needs a non-porous surface to bind to.

Our waterslide decals are made to be fired onto ceramic or glass products but also can be applied onto wood or metal surfaces. Each headstock decal has been carefully recreated based on actual vintage instruments from the 1950's through the 1970's, using real metallic Gold or Silver ink. I learned a long time ago to not touch the logo, so when I polish my guitar I leave the water slide decal alone. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Custom Waterslide Guitar Headstock Decal - '52 Style, Choose Your Text at the best online prices at eBay! I printed my decal, sealed it with lacquer, and applied it to the enclosure. (Print your decal on the glossy side of INK JET Decal Paper. Browse our full Decals range. Install decals as shown in your order's enclosed instructions. I used Micro-Sol too, cleared model properly I think surface was prepared correctly. custom waterslide decals for every scale model car including slot cars and RC Cars Water slide decals (or slip decals) are water-mounted decals generally printed face up and rely on the dextrose corn sugar residue from the decal paper to bond the decal transfer to a surface. Wait for the decal to be completely dry before spraying a clear coat of lacquer.

Quick tutorial for water slide decals. Once that?s done, get your decals, be careful with this process as they are delicate and can tear. Plating brush connects to positive voltage and part being plated connects to negative. After application can be finished with Nitro, Polyurethane or any other kind of lacquer. Slide the decal gently onto the guitar. You can hand wash the finished project without worrying about the transfers flaking off or fading, but it won't be dishwasher safe. Trouble viewing video? View it on YouTube. Our decals are the thinnest available on the market so they are easier to cover when lacquerin I purchased the Testors Custom Decal System (704-9198) and an extra package of white decal paper (704-9202). They recommended applying the decal over the paint/clearcoat and then applying an oil based varnish over the decal. I already shared with you all about waterslide decal paper transfers with lots of step by step images, examples on how to use them and many tricks and tips, so I’m not going into much details again.

My question is do I have to spray a coat of gloss lacquer over the headstock first then apply the decal? Or can I get away with applying the decal on the satin finish then apply the gloss lacquer over it? Screenprint the white logo on the waterslide decal stock. One of the features that makes HIGHLINE? a good decal is that they are very thin. Couple hours and I dusted it again. T he David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster Guitar from the Fender Custom Shop has an alder body, black or black over three-color sunburst finish, a black pickguard, a one-piece straight-grain maple neck, custom pickups, and Gilmour's now-famous electronics and shortened vintage tremolo arm Chelsea Clark shows Dan Erlewine a clever trick: turning our aerosol guitar finish into a waterslide decal. Water slide decals (or slip decals) are water-mounted decals generally printed face up and rely on the dextrose corn sugar residue from the decal paper to bond the decal transfer to a surface. Most painters have a love/hate relationship with waterslide transfers. These work best on lighter color headstocks. Any tips or advice for a guy wanting to finish a project with Tru Oil? Will the waterslide decal melt in to a Tru Oil finish? This will be for my Precision kits I ordered today. But you can pretty much see the whole process in the pictures below, it was that quick and easy! OffsetGuitars. Our waterslide decals are not cheap knockoffs.

You can buy decal paper at modeling shops (you know where you can buy small cars/trains and radio controlled cars and stuff) Decal paper is often used to make your own designs on cars or remake traffic signs for the small villages people build for their little trains. The way I understand it, the decals are printed on decal paper. Thanks, Water slide decals (or slip decals) are water-mounted decals generally printed face up and rely on the dextrose corn sugar residue from the decal paper to bond the decal transfer to a surface. That's the way they were done back then. On the decal itself, which is a chrome vinyl, each successive coat immediately disolves the shellac coating over the decal, and makes an uneven flake pattern on the decal, as if the solvent breaks the shellac back down and wont properly stick or build up over it. I want to do a waterslide on my new washburn/partscaster type thingy and ordered some laserjet waterslide paper and want to finish it in tru-oil. Ideally, if you are applying a waterslide decal to a headstock that you sanded down smooth to bare wood it’s ideal to put at least a couple light coats of clear lacquer, whatever clear you’re using if it’s nitrocellulose or poly or whatever. It's very easy to mess it up. . ) Step #2: Spray your printed sheet evenly with Clear High Gloss spray like Krylon until the sheet has a glossy finish.

It is a very-thin sticker which is released and positioned by placing the decal in some water. I've done this many times in the past with great success, but this time, after about 20 minutes, the corners start to lift and after about 30 minutes the entire decal has peeled off and is bone dry. Talk about the Fender Jazzmaster, Jaguar, and any other offset waist guitars with us! Waterslide decal on Black Headstock? but apply the DIY 5 minute decal transfer on a coffee mug. Just coat them with some nitrocellulose lacquer or polyurethane, and they are good to go for years to come! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Fender Telecaster Deluxe USA headstock waterslide decal at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! FREE WORLDWIDE POSTAGE, GIBSON LOGO DECAL, Precision guitar headstock decals waterslide & self adhesive - Fret Markers Inlays Abalone Shell Manufacturers & suppliers of guitar headstock decals for guitar restoration & renovation. *EDIT* Just as an experiment, I rubbed a wet paper towel on the decal to see if it would blend back into the headstock. Blinggasm Waterslide Decal Paper, 10 Sheets White For Laser Printer 8. Includes one each clear/white and white/white ink jet decal paper sheets, plus one spray can of glossy acrylic fixative (ships by ground to 48 contiguous U. Remove excess water on the decal with a dry cloth. After I printed onto the Testors decal paper with my ink-jet computer printer, I sprayed the decal paper with Testors Decal Bonder #9200 to seal in the ink on the the decal paper. I let it air dry overnight and lightly dusted it with Deft Gloss Clear Lacquer Spray, which is what the neck was finished in.

If you applied to bare wood, sand the decal off, wait a week, apply a clearcoat FIRST, sand lightly, apply the decal, then clear over WATERSLIDE DECAL APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIN BLUE DECAL PAPER Tools Required:-Sharp Scissors -Spray Bottle of clean room temperature Water (distilled water is preferred) -Paper Towel -Small Soft Brush Tools Recommend:-One of the following clear coats sprays; Testors Gloss Cote #1261 or Dutch Boy Gloss Spray Lacquer FENDER HEADSTOCK DECALS. Their instructions warned that trying to clear coat over the decal may not work. ANY DECAL YOU NEED. Light misting coats of lacquer will offer this protection as well as soften the old finish and prevent lifting it. I ordered some waterslide decals, white letters printed on transparent decal paper. The waterslide decal stock is micro-thin lacquer. T his emotive addition to the Custom Shop Tribute Series is an intricate reproduction of Lenny down to the smallest of details from the customized neck that was a gift from ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, the reflective SRV stickers on the body, the battered headstock to the autograph that Stevie himself etched into the neck plate—even an autograph from legendary baseball great, Mickey Mantle Amazing custom made waterslide decals for guitar headstocks. This could take between 5-15 seconds. Replate nickel or copper parts. Unable to trace the original supplier, I tried this one as a replacement and treated it like the previous one at first giving two coats of clear lacquer, plenty of drying time and one minute in water.

$17. Trim your decals close to the edges of the image, apply to a clean surface, make sure there are no bubbles or raised edges, and use a good decal solvent such as Micro Sol to "melt" the decal down into the underlying surface. On the area the decal was to go, I smoothed the area of previously applied lacquer (Deft gloss) so that the decal would have a flat surfact to adhere to. Only I let the decal dry for about 6 hrs. If you are working on a guitar restoration project, you may have to remove the old decal to replace it with a new one. DECAL HEADQUARTERS. 99. All decals are printed with real metallic Gold or Silver ink. FENDER STRATOCASTER DECAL Headstock Decals 1954 1963 Waterslide Vintage Guitar - $6. MJT Guitar s and.

My next coat is a light, mist coat. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SAND THE DECAL IN ANY WAY. Please note you must use this on a headstock that has been previously lacquered NOT ON BARE WOOD ! With Waterslide Decal Paper, you can print any designs using an inkjet printer and transfer them onto any non-porous surfaces. The big difference with other waterslide decal producers and ourselves is that we can produce transfers up to 800 x 600mm in one panel. I've tried following the directions as indicated. • Align your decal over the object and carefully slide it off. The easiest way is to slide the paper from underneath the decal. Use a high-gloss lacquer as base-layer, apply the decal, and use a matte lacquer on top of that. Should I apply lacquer over the top of the decals, or not bother? you can tell if the reverse of the decal is the same colour as the front “pre-coloured” vinyl. The film of the decal is a thin plastic sheet that will crinkle and lift if too heavy of an application of lacquer is made without first protecting the decal.

I would like to apply a waterslide decal on it. About the paper The design is on a very thin but durable film and is waterproof , UV resistant and you can overfinish with Nitro Lacquer or Poly or Acrylic to fully protect the decal . Apply your first coat of your favorite lacquer. I make them out of regular copy paper, printed, trimmed, and cleared both sides with spray lacquer. Our Waterslide decals are Alps printed and require no sealer prior to application. Trim the decal with scissors, not a blade like an X-acto knife. Applying and cutting Waterslide Decals: Cut your decal(s), trimming as closely as possible to your printed image. The decal film will start to separate from the backing. I’d like to tell you a few more things to keep in mind before you print your first decal sheet. Allow to set and unmold - your image will be embedded within the middle of the soap.

Looking to have Eric’s signature on your custom guitar? We offer it! These waterslides are easy to install, come with instructions, and are sure to please. It's not hard at all and it's a nice personal touch when building your own instrument. Hi,<BR>I used the sane technique Cobalt used. When instructions included in the package are followed, it will provide a great result. It depends on the clear coat… and I am assuming that you applied a clear coat or paint before applying the decal. Tamiya-AS Aircraft Lacquer Spray. 1Each. quality "water-slide" style decals. When this is dry I apply another wet coat and let it dry. Also, a decal is thicker than a color copy, so it will appear smoother and closer to the wood than an actual decal.

One method consists of thin a transparent film with a printed legend, and this is applied to the panel. I have the same decal paper. This is the only type of waterslide decal that we now use. While laser/copier printing will normally last longer than inkjet, it is entirely dependent upon the lasting qualities of the toner used. You can also place the cut out decal in a bowl of clean room temperature water for 5-15 seconds, however you have less control when doing this. HOW TO MAKE DECALS (Waterslide Wet Transfers) Ray Robinson There are many methods of labeling controls on a front panel or chassis. This protects the image, and more importantly, provides a bit of extra stiffness to the finished decal, making the waterslide application easier. We accept and For PayPal orders, click on the above PayPal logo for secure CREDIT CARD transactions. You can apply these non-firing decals of your own design onto almost any decorative items with a smooth surface such as candles, soap, glass, ceramic ware (decorative purposes), guitars, furniture, fridges, plastic models and many others. Due to the fact that our decals do not have an adhesive underside, a clear-coat or varnish is required on top of the decal to adhere the decal to the surface.

I also make custom sheets using one of t You searched for: waterslide decal! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. There’s no white ink in printers. Q I am having a problem after following the directions for water slip decal. I am wanting to add some logos to my pens but I need to know where I can find the best price on "Waterslide decal paper"?I have a inkjet printer but I read that a laser printer would be better. The other day we looked at applying them to your models and now it's time to look at how you can create them for your own specific chapter or any other chapter that is not supported with official transfers. 2 Fender Stratocaster Headstock Waterslide Decals, 1954 - 1964 version, I also have the 63-64 with added patent numbers, and 1965 to 1967- if you want that version leave a note with purchase, Black and Orange gold on clear background, proper size and shape - all new, work fantastic, correct size- I HAVE waterslide decal making A lot has been written about the techniques of making waterslide decals with an inkjet printer. Interpersonal Communication. The surface to receive the decal must be smooth, glossy, and free of dirt, wax and grease. these decals enable you to finish over with a clear lacquer. Waterslide Decal Custom Less Real Gold Lettering for 3x3 Headstocks-Real Waterslide Decal! Correct vintage Gold Metallic ink goes down on lacquer, polyurethane, enamel or raw wood.

I recommend those tiny manicure scissors. If it is a large decal, have someone help you to smooth it out as you pull the paper. I CAN MAKE IT FROM SCRATCH. Once dry, spray some adhesive on the back, place on guitar and clear over the whole thing. They certainly save the time and hassle of painting freehand, but the range that is available is always extremely limited and if you do any custom colour schemes then you are out of luck most of the time. Description. Fender Telecaster (Grey logo) Waterslide decal | Add to watch list Add to watch list 79' Fender custom made Anniversary body waterslide Decal * Decal images above are more vibrant and will include if desired a ultra thin coat of lacquer making it After applying the waterslide and a few layers of lacquer, you'll likely still see the hard edges of the decal. 5 out of 5 by 11. I'm sending you a picture of the decal I had made. It delivered a crisp image first time, with no need to specially set the paper type, and after varnishing worked perfectly in the water, the reverse coming off promptly and the image sliding nicely onto the object.

Our aim is to help you realize the artistic potential of your home computer and inkjet printer by discovering our unique selection of specialist Inkjet papers and Fabrics. Just add a clear coat of lacquer to make them permanent. About the guitar in this video: This guitar was built from our StewMac Dreadnought Kit 25 years ago. This is the Clear Decal Film Converts Dry Transfers to Waterslide Decals from Archer Fine Transfers. If I were you I would color-copy the decal. First I bought Fake decals on ebay. Each sheet of decal paper is 8-1/2” x 11”. Looks really cool and only limited by your computers' abilities. Soak the decal in clean water for a few minutes. GB155302731 At Decal Jungle, we make top quality waterslide decals for musicians.

The waterslide logo is on top of the headstock lacquer and seems to have no lacquer covering at all. The white transfers are from three different manufacturers and all suffer the same problem. Take the decal (which is still on the backing paper) out of the water. But the basic rules of good decal work are even more critical here. When talking about waterslide decal paper, the backing is either white or clear. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Using 220 grit, then some 400 grit. The decal is printed on special laser waterslide decal paper. These logos are printed on good quality Laser Jet waterslide paper, with Laser Jet Ink. This paper just prints on a standard laser printer.

CLEAR COATING OVER DECALS. Print / Soak / Slide / Use. Better still, they are free from carrier media so there is no need to cut around the edges of the decal. Images to be heat-cured are usually printed in reverse and applied upside down. We do however, lightly coat them with a flat lacquer in order to protect them during shipping. The decals peel off before or after it is dried. Can be used on almost all non-porous surfaces including glass, ceramics, metal, plastic and (lacquered) wood, but can also be used on candles. Dry transfers can be applied to any smooth surface without damage or any other water-related complications. Unlike the clear decal paper reviewed separately, this paper worked fine in my Epson XP760. Once that is cured, the graphic works pretty much like a standard waterslide decal.

Durability - Waterslide is not intended to be used outdoors or in wet environments - this can be offset to some extent by use of a fixative lacquer coating over the decal. This melts the decal into the under layer and seals it in. I am currently experimenting with the Testors do-it-yourself Custom Decal System. I'm thinking of extracting just the red and black, and painting the lid yellow. Home printers do not print the color "white". Several months back I built a fairly good quality Strat and ended up learning how to make waterslide decals (for the headstock). Water transfer is so much cooler than vinyl How to Apply nitrocellulose lacquer spray. This will be 2 of 5 necks I did this past week for customers using " Replica Decals" provided to me for this tutorial, and rattle can Acrylic Lacquer so even the most novice can get a stellar result. This is the second article in the series dedicated on how to Build your Own Guitar Kit the right way. intended for use if you are refinishing a c Brunswick Waterslide Style Decal FREE EXPERT ADVICE waterslide Use to screenprint waterslide decals in the 60's for big banks and stock exchange companys.

Don't let your baby have an identity crisis! I have done tons of these and everyone has been amazed at the results. Size is displayed on the decal image. The decal is probably thicker than the lacquer. First, the guitar was entirely painted in a dark brown color. Seal the Decal Spray 2 or 3 thin coats of Deft Gloss Clear Lacquer on the printed decal sheet. The Custom Waterslide Decal process should typically happen before applying the varnish. This post is going to show you how to finish a guitar kit using a nitrocellulose lacquer spray can. If you want a waterslide decal to look as if it's been painted on, not like a decal, you need to follow these steps. 2011 . .

You have to print them off on a special type of printer to get any white. Then I got some Inket Decal paper and printed my own except thos A lightweight decal paper such as our Unical155 with its specially formulated toner receptive gum coating will assist with the fusing process. I will work with you to make a custom decal that you will be proud to have on your guitar. Recreate decals, make model decals. Apply two waterslide decals with the shade of blue I want on the end of each tube. Welcome to the "how to fit decals like a pro" page. I have been finishing with lacquer. We offer you wide range of waterslide decal paper products for laser printers. waterslide decal lacquer

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